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ride on frozen ground

Hard guitars combined with creative keyboard parts create a melodic rock sound that best describes our second studio album. Together with the theme of the album - snow and ice - the lyrics play with the dangers that the ice holds and about further adventures that our traveler has to take on.

There is a lot to discover, the arrangements are filled to the brim with many melodies and creative ideas, yet transparent and powerful. And if you think you know the songs, you should listen to them again under your headphones! Our recommendation: BREAKFAST AT 5 AM.

1  InsurrectionInstrumental
2  Freedom ClimberLyrics
3  Center of the DawnLyrics
4  Frozen IslandLyrics
5  Vikings NightLyrics
6  Mystery of FameLyrics
7   Breakfast at 5 A.M.Lyrics
8   Ski-Doo SafariLyrics
9   Central Intelligence AffairLyrics
10 Agents of DestinyLyrics