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line-up - the faces behind the band

Lets us introduce ourselves: Scroll through and get to know the faces behind the band!

gitarre and vocals

He is a passionate guitar maker, equipped with a keen ear for right (and wrong!) tones. He is the tinkerer who still tries out a nuance until the sound comes out as right as it should. He writes songs together with Zappo and delivers every now and then spontaneous licks, tricks and riffs that flow into the songs. 

Musical preferences? Everything that sounds harmonious - no matter if classical music or heavy metal.

[akki]: drums

His quick-wittedness is legendary: He gives the songs the right "grip" through the fundamental rhythm track and is also the undisputed joker of the band. 

Musical influences and favorite bands: Toto, Judas Priest, Saxon, Van Halen, Foreigner, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Dream Theater

[zappo]: bass, gitarre, vocals

Composer and arranger, visionary and maker. Provides ideas, writes most of the lyrics and is responsible for the recording. 

Musical influences: Classics like Judas Priest, Rush, Iron Maiden, Saga, Saxon, Deep Purple and newer stuff like SUM 41, Rise Against, blink 182, SR-71, Bullet for my Valentine. And not to forget: he is a Def Leppard fan from the first hour.

keyboards and backing vocals

He enriches the songs with a sound carpet, adds interesting solos and also provides ideas for songwriting. He's always in a good mood, but sometimes he's not really responsive, because his thoughts already thirft off to the next project. 

His musical influences are Rammstein & AC/DC but also A-ha, Simple Minds, Blondie or the new German wave.

former band members

Mom - Guitar - 1981-1982 

Jay Bee - Bass - 1983-1984

Frank König - Vocals - 1983-1984 

Olaf Kaiser - Bass - 1987-1988