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imperial trans-antarctic expedition

Here we deliver a real milestone: The melodies are memorable, the guitar riffs are powerful and the story of the IMPERIAL TRANS-ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION is a fascinating fusion of lyricism and storytelling. Our album takes you on a sonic journey through icy worlds. As with our other 3 albums, the same applies here: versatility and creativity come to the fore in every meticulously crafted track, so listen carefully :-)

Join us on a chronicle inspired by the legendary 'Endurance Expedition.' Explore the depths of our lyrics, which hold intriguing stories waiting to be discovered by you. Let our music transport you into the heart of this Antarctic saga. Welcome aboard!

The lyrics are based on a true story: In 1914, the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton set out with a crew of 28 sailors to cross Antarctica. But their ship ENDURANCE was trapped in the ice. 

The goal of the crossing became unattainable. The crew had to survive the Antarctic winter for almost 6 months without sunlight... but that was just the beginning. 


For the explorers among you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Trans-Antarctic_Expedition 

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