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this is exhaust - welcome to the rock!

Four in one - and that's Exhaust! We have been rocking since 1981 and have currently produced 3 albums and 1 mini-CD. You can find our songs worldwide on about 50 web portals, of course on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TikTok, Tidal, Deezer, Napster & Co and even in a Tesla.

The CDs are available in our webshop. And if you're also interested in the thoughts behind the songs or just want to sing along to the fullest, you can click through our albums and browse through the details. Have fun and welcome to our little Exhaust universe!

imperial trans-antarctic expedition

Our latest release, the mini-CD "IMPERIAL TRANS-ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION", takes you on an epic journey through the icy expanses of the Antarctic. Inspired by the heroic "Endurance Expedition", the four songs tell gripping stories of determination, the fight for survival and unshakeable human strength. 

"Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition" is a tribute to the courage and determination of the pioneers, captured in a sonic journey that will enchant you with its intensity and mesmerising narrative. We are honoured to celebrate and share this incredible milestone of human perseverance through our music.

flame of burning fire

Let the power kick in with our first song LAUNCHING OVERDRIVE: The name is program. In the tradition of its forerunners, the third CD album shows a new variation of the cover and plays, also in terms of the content of the songs, with fire! 

Whether it comes out of the exhaust pipe (SOUND BARRIER, DAYTONA RED LINE), burns eternally for friendship (FLAME FOR ETERNITY) or solidifies as lava after a volcanic eruption (VOLCANO SIGH), the tension between lyrics and melodies makes every song an experience. Because there are many things hidden in the sound carpet, there is always something new to discover. The production was fun and that's what you can hear!

ride on frozen ground

INSURRECTION and FREEDOM CLIMBER show the direction for the album: straight melodic rock with hard guitars and great keyboard compositions. 

The second concept album has snow and ice as its theme, which is why some of the lyrics are based on this theme - just like FROZEN ISLAND or VIKINGS NIGHT. 

There is a lot to discover, the arrangements are full of melodies and creative ideas, but at the same time transparent and powerful. And if you think you know the songs, you should listen to them again under your headphones! Our recommendation: BREAKFAST AT 5 AM

secret of the sands

Our first album! After a few years of band history, we have redesigned our songs from the eighties in the modern sound of today. The sound unites the modern and the old times and with doing so, unmistakable melodies and sounds emerge. In the songs, you can feel the rocky connection to the earth - we're still reaching out for the guitar strings ourselves. 

Tips on what to play: The hard rock number INTERCEPTOR 2.0 (version 1.0 was already a small hit as a single), BURNING LIGHT for rock with orchestral elements and the rock hit of the album THOUGHTS OF TODAY.

what's new?

You want to stay up-to-date? Welcome to the ROCK! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and join our EXHAUST-Newsletter list! From time to time there is something to listen to, read & like.

The Mini CD-Album IMPERIAL TRANS-ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION was December 2023. Watch out and have a good time listening, exploring and taking part in the adventure!

We received new projections at the beginning of January 2024, after which we now have a total of over 5.8 million plays on the online portals! BIG thanks to our loyal fans!

New single NEVER TRUST A BAD BONE| AGE OF SOLARITY went live on April 23rd ... more

STAR OF THE LOGBOOK is the first song from the new CD album on the portals ... more

Never underdressed again! The new EXHAUST BaseCaps are ready, and here you can order them.

Yay, the Christmas presents are here! | FLAME OF BURNING FIRE as CD | 3 new songs, 1 bonus track. In the EXHAUST RockShop you can get everything you need.

EXHAUST on the radio | In February 2019 we were with Axel Niermann in the studio of Mikro Minden. The result is a nice 1-std. feature, which was broadcast on Radio Westfalica. read more

We have just launched the EXHAUST RockShop! Here you can order the CD albums or cool T-Shirts & BaseCaps for the next Hardrock Party.

Our CD (with the unpronounceable name for Germans) IMPERIAL TRANS-ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION really took off in English-speaking countries from the end of 2023. USA, UK, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Australia, Japan & India in the East have the most new plays.

We continue to be really impressed by how many people we reach around the world. Our fan base is growing and we are very happy that you like our songs! The title of the next CD has already been decided - for quite some time: HAVOC ON THE SEA. And these songs are also getting super cool again...! But it won't come until 2024, so give us a little more time :-) We promise now: THE WAIT IS WORTH IT! That's why there was a mini CD every now and then to shorten the waiting time a little.

Cheers, bye for now & keep it heavy, keep it hard!
Exhaust, January 2024

exhaust on the local station.

We were guests at Radio Westfalica - like to listen some german talk? Have fun!