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YEAH. The songs for the new album have been finished since February! And actually everything was scheduled in January 2018 in the mixing studio ... but then there was a water damage, problems by program updates and even more bad luck of this kind. Therefore, the completion had to be pushed back again and again. In July the decoupling BREAKFAST AT 5 AM was to be released, which received more than 3,000 songs within 2 weeks, and Band is looking forward to that! The album RIDE ON FROZEN GROUND is scheduled for release online on August 10, 2018, and distribution of the CD in the stores will follow. In addition to three songs (which the older fans will certainly know from concerts in former times), there are 7 new productions to hear in which the 80s rock roots connect with the influences of today.

In the meantime, three new compilations appeared in which Exhaust Songs are included: HARD ROCK ON TOP (with INTERCEPTOR 2.0 as opener!) | SLEDGEHAMMER: PURE ROCK FOR MUSIC LOVERS (Vikings Night) | THE CLASSIC ROCK DJ (The Beach). So, grab your headphones!


The band works on the follow-up album, in total there are 10 songs at the start. In August, the single VIKINGS NIGHT was released online from the upcoming album and went directly to over 10,000 live streams within a few weeks. The song compilations on the music portals also reach new listeners with this song and ensure a further increase of the fan base, on NumberOneMusic the single rushes to # 3 on the hard rock charts. In September, the cover of the follow-up album RIDE ON FROZEN GROUND is presented and finds online wide interest.


In the beginning of the year the CD distribution started in the German Consumer Electronic Centers like Media Markt, Saturn, Expert and more. The release was well received by press and public and reaped very positive reviews. A interview with the local radio station attracted attention and the debut CD was very well accepted.

Especially the online publishing of „SECRET OF THE SANDS“ on over 80 music portals in over 150 countries opened the door to more listeners. By the end of the year the download reached the mark of 100.000 plays. In July the first single-release „INTERCEPTOR 2.0“ was published with a new song and had a great impact in the online community. Even the B-Side „ANTICIPATION“ had 25.000 streams within 3 months. The band is very pleased to build up a worldwide fanbase, which at least made „INTERCEPTOR 2.0“ go up to No. 2 of the German Hard-Rock Charts on

In autumn the second single-release „ALONE IN THE DESERT/THE BEACH“ was following. Now the new B-Side was put onto many samplers and compilations, which brought new listeners and a lot of streams. The statistics of webportals show, that you can meet the most fans in Germany, Great Britain, USA and…. Mexiko City! As the world is shrinking like that, there’s only one thing left to say: A Song for you!

1996 - 2015

After the break, back in the rehearsal studio we resolve, to make our earlier profession to our hobby. We establish our own recording studio and provide us with hard- and software, to record our elder songs under professional conditions. And once we are there... some new songs get in the way and we record them as they pass our unaware minds...


Motiv: Trennstrich

1984 - 1988

Frank and Jay Bee quit in late 1984. Back in the Exhaust line-up TVK joins the band again, this time as keyboarder and background singer. Zappo changes from guitar to bass. Borsten also takes over the part of the leadsinger. Akki just keeps on drumming all the time :-).

The musical style changes, becomes more harmonic with catchy melodies. The studioproductions „FULFILLMENT OF A TALE“ and „THE KING WILL COME“ are recorded. Both made the leap into airplay at the local radiostations and get favourable reviews in the specialized press.

With this line-up Exhaust is touring successful for over 4 years in clubs and on several stages in Germany. They play 2-hour gigs with own songs and some covers like „DON'T YOU“ (Simple Minds), „WHITE WEDDING“ by Billy Idol or „THE POWER OF LOVE“ (Frankie goes to Hollywood) in a very special "exhausted" Hardcore-Version.

An (uninsured!) fire in the rehearsal room destroys most of the equipment and forces the band to an 8 years hiatus.

Motiv: Trennstrich

1983 - 1984

Mom und TVK leave the band and do their band "Wendepunkt", a project in the german new wave era. Their replacements in Exhaust are Jay Bee (Bass) and Frank König (Vocals), Borsten swaps from Bass to guitar. The new musical direction: Heavy Metal with complex compositions.

In April 1984 we record at a soundstudio the songs „INTERCEPTOR“ and „STRONG SAXONS OF THE NORTH“ and publish them as a single. It reaches the No. 1 in the regional charts of our hometown Minden. But too bad: there are no copies left. To keep the memory you can download the songs here. This is really listening to the eighties, have fun!

Motiv: Trennstrich

1981 - 1982

Zappo (Guitar), Akki (Drums), TVK (Gesang), Mom (Guitar) und Borsten (Bass) are founding the band Exhaust. The ambiguous name reflects the programme - on the one hand Exhaust (quick, loud, spit it out) and „to be exhausted“ (running wild on our gigs). Well, we did what we could...