new tomorrow

Sometimes things go wrong. And sometimes it's time for hard cuts in life. Once you have taken the step, there is no turning back. Use the chance, recognize your possibilities. Because in front of you lies your unwritten future. Grab it and create it the way you want it!

daytona red line

A Race Car Driver dreams of winning the Daytona 500 Race and has been training hard for years. As the engines start, there's no turning back. He hold the steering wheel firmly in his hands and is fully focused on the start. But someone was already expecting him. In the middle of the race he notices that he was up against the devil ...


freedom climber

The law of slavery then prevailed in the Scottish coal mines. After a great insurrection, a few were able to flee to the new world to live their lives as frontiers in freedom, but in the wilderness. But the shadows of the past extend to the new continent ...

sound barrier

We are at the international speedway at the bonneville salt flats and these guys are making big things happening. They are actually writing history today! They want to do the impossible, hunt Mach 1 and break the sound barrier - not with a jet, but on the ground, with the supersonic rocket car called Thunderstruck. Preparations are in full swing as dusk dramatically illuminates the scenery. Will we hear the bang?

mystery of fame

Everyone knows them: the all-rounders. As a rule, they always know what to do. Unless they have to do it themselves. And if you annoy us too much, we'll make a song about you.

breakfast at 5 am



After a long night, there is breakfast for the party people at 5 o'clock in the morning in a Berlin morning café. At the same time, a man with his thermos goes in his briefcase in front of the window - to work. At that time he rocked through the night and sat at this time at breakfast ...

vikings night



In the beginning you can hear the wardrums, then the wooden ships are getting closer. As the Vikings are stepping ashore, there’s only one smart move: Get outta here!

interceptor 2.0



The 1984 Hit recorded new in a modern sound design of today! Additionally you get a new released B-side song named Anticipation.

alone in the desert



World War II. A spy starts his way on a secret mission through the wasteland of the northern sahara. Will he arrive in Ras Gharib to perform his commands?

interceptor (1984)

- VINYL-SINLGE, no longer available -


Vocals - Frank König

Bass - Jay-Bee

This Download is free, have fun listening!

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Recorded 1984 - 3:54 min.

Made it to No. 1 in the Radio Charts of our hometown Minden! Was then in 1983/1984 the opener in our live concerts.



Recorded 1984 - 5:33 min.

Our second studio production. This Song was the B-side of the Single Interceptor and showed more of our ability for composing and arrangement.