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the best singles from all years

Here is an overview of our best singles from all years. They were written from the 80's to the 20's and everything from hard rock to complex melodies is included. Have fun streaming.

battlefield ground

This is what happens when people divide: When the fight is over, all weapons are on the ground. And sometimes the opponents themselves, together to their destruction. All that remains is the battlefield ground.

sos endurance

In 1912, explorer Ernest Shackleton set out on board the ENDURANCE with a crew of 26 sailors and a stowaway to traverse Antarctica on foot from north to south. But it turned out quite differently. Unable to handle the thickening pack ice, the ship was frozen 19 miles short of the destination. The crew had no choice but to persevere through the Antarctic winter. But that was just the beginning...

never trust a bad bone

A self-deprecating song about musicians who've been on stage for quite a while... and know all the trappings of show business, in front of and (especially) behind the scenes. So be careful, they know how to do it. Never underestimate them!

star of the logbook

The guy is a crook and looking for "Mrs. Right". But she is only the right one if she also has rich parents and you can marry easily. With the ring in his jacket, he drives to her to propose marriage ... and that is going to be quite a surprise!

fear and fight

Ardennes, December 1944. The US paratroopers of Easy Company believe that the war will soon be over and have dug their foxholes near Bastogne. But suddenly all hell breaks loose; the final counterattack, the Battle of the Bulge, has begun. The liberators have to pay a high price...


At a party, a young man falls in love with a girl at first sight. At the same time, an astronomer observes the stars in the dark... and discovers a strange glow. With each glance, he discovers contours until it becomes a face with which he falls in love. Both find the light in the darkness of the lonely stars.

new tomorrow

Sometimes things don't work out as you would like them to be. And sometimes it's time for hard cuts in life. Once you have taken the step, there is no turning back. Use the chance, recognize your possibilities. Because in front of you lies your unwritten future. Grab it and create it the way you want it!

daytona red line

A racing driver dreams of winning the Daytona 500 Race and has been training very hard for many years. When the engines start, there is no turning back. He has the steering wheel firmly in his hand and is fully concentrated on the start. But someone has been waiting for him. In the middle of the race, he realizes that he's up against the devil...

freedom climber

During this time, in the Scottish coal mines the law of slavery ruled. After a great uprising, a few were able to flee to the New World, where they lived their lives as frontiers, in freedom but in the wilderness. But the shadows of the past even follow them on the new continent...

sound barrier

History is being made on the international speedway at the Bonneville Salt Flats: This team wants the impossible and chases Mach 1 to break the sound barrier - not with a jet, but with a rocket car called Thunderstruck. The preparations are in full swing, will we hear the bang?

mystery of fame

Everyone knows them: The all-rounders. As a rule, they always know what to do. Unless they have to do it themselves. And if they annoy us too much with that, we just make a song about it.

breakfast at 5 a.m.

5 AM - a group of friends is sitting in a café in Berlin to eat their breakfast, after a long night of partying. At the same time, a man in a suit with a briefcase and a coffee in his thermos walks past the window to go to work. He looks at the group of friends and smirks - he used to be one of them, taking a breakfast at 5 AM...

vikings night

First you hear the drums from a distance, then the ships come into sight. When the Vikings go ashore, only one thing helps: Let's get out of here!

interceptor 2.0

The 1984 hit re-recorded with the sound of today! In addition there is the B-Side of the so far only partly released song Anticipation.

alone in the desert

Second World War: A spy is on a secret mission in the northern Sahara to deliver an important message that cannot be transmitted. Will he make it to Ras Gharib to fulfill his mission?

interceptor (1984)


Vocals - Frank König

Bass - Jay-Bee

Dieser Download ist kostenlos!


Production 1984: 3:54 min.

Made it in the Mindener hit parade to place 1! This song was always a great opener at our concerts in 1983/1984.


strong saxons of the north

Production 1984: 5:33 min.

Studio production: Released as the B-side of "Interceptor" and showed our potential as composers.