secret of the sands

Our debut album after almost 40 years of band history. The CD album brings songs from the 80s in the modern sound of today and also shows with some new songs that the creativity is still fully there. The unmistakable melodies and varied lyrics take you on a journey through time. Get in and browse through our lyrics, there is a lot to discover!

Playing tips: The hardrock number INTERCEPTOR 2.0 (version 1.0 was already a little hit as a single), BURNING LIGHT for rock with orchestral elements and the downtime number THOUGHTS OF TODAY.

1Record RisingInstrumental
2A Song for YouLyrics
3The ReasoningInstrumental
4Thoughts of TodayLyrics
6Standing at Open WindowsLyrics
7Interceptor 2.0Lyrics
8Winds of DeceptionLyrics


91939 (The Gathering)Lyrics
10Into the SunLyrics
11The BeachLyrics
12Sand RaceLyrics
13Burning LightLyrics
14Alone in the DesertLyrics
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