flame of burning fire

The name says it all: The songs erupt explosively and the energy is as strong as a volcanic eruption. We have uploaded the lyrics below, so that you can join us in singing our songs. Maybe some of you can see the connection between our lyrics and the actions of our

adventurers on our album covers.

Share your thoughts about the album with us on social media and tell us which is your favorite song. We are looking forward to talking to you!

1  Launching OverdriveLyrics   
2  Sound BarrierLyrics   
3  Fear and FightLyrics   
4  Modern WarriorLyrics   
5  LightstormLyrics   
6  Daytona Red LineLyrics   
7Remember the BlackoutLyrics
8Age of SolarityLyrics
9Volcano SighLyrics
10New TomorrowLyrics
11Flame for EternityLyrics
12Heavy DrummingLyrics
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