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The new cover of our single release SOUND BARRIER [24 Hours of Thunderstruck] is presented on Facebook. [Latest news: Online on 20.09.2019 on all music portals!]  more



EXHAUST on the radio | In February 2019 we joined the studio of Mikro Minden with Axel Niermann. The result is a nice 1-hour interview that was broadcasted on Radio Westfalica (Sorry, it is only available in German)  more



We have just put the EXHAUST RockShop online! Here you find the CD albums and can order cool T-Shirts & BaseCaps for the next Hard Rock Party as well.

2019 Brand new: Spotify features two new compilations with EXHAUST Songs as Opener.  more (TIMELINE)

New songs for the third album FLAME OF BURNING FIRE  more (TIMELINE)

We are really impressed how many people we reach worldwide. Our fan base is growing and we are very happy that you like our songs!

Cheers & keep on rockin‘!
Exhaust, August 2019

Motiv: Secret

Songs from the eighties redesigned in the modern sound of today. So you could probably best describe the sound concept of the first album. You realize the rocky earthiness of the songs, just handmade.

Listen to: Hardrock song "Interceptor 2.0" (Version 1.0 was already a small hit as a single), "Burning Light" for rock with orchestral elements and the rocking "Thoughts of Today".

Motiv: Frozen

It starts right from the start: "Insurrection" and "Freedom Climber" show the direction for the album straight away: melodic rock with hard guitars and great keyboard compositions. The second concept album has the theme of snow and ice, which is why some of the texts revolve around it, such as "Frozen Island" or "Vikings Night". There is much to discover, the arrangements are brimming with many tunes and creative ideas, yet transparent and powerful. And if you think you know the songs, you should listen again under the headphones! Try "Breakfast at 5 a.m."

Secret of the Sands

Interceptor 2.0 / AnticipationAlone in the Desert / The BeachVikings Night / Standing at Open WindowsBreakfast at 5 AM / Record Rising: A Song for YouRide on Frozen Ground

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